, Hi, I’m Joannah! I’m currently doing my Ph.D., researching garbage collection and Python. I’m also a Python core developer whose career in open source was kick-started by participating in programs like @outreachy and Rails Girls Summer of code. Outside of contributing code, I’m an active leader and member of…

A quick disclaimer: I am not adding or proposing any new statements to Cpython. I was curiously tinkering to know the flow.

These are my notes, so I wasn’t keen on presentation here.

1. Edit the grammar in **Grammar/Grammar**. make
2. Add an AST node for the statement **Parser/Python.asdl** which is AST generation code. make
3. Write the code that converts the parse-tree node. Edit Python/ast.c
4. Note: Instead of creating a new AST for every node, you can use existing AST nodes.
5. Compile the AST into Python bytecode. Compilation results in a Control Flow Graph. Edit Python/compile.c
6. Update symbol table. Modify Python/symtable.c to add code that handles the new statement.

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Joannah Nanjekye

Christian, I choose results over reasons, proud aviator, show me the code

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